See the Ceramics Market


It is to achieve the highest financial return for the exhibition participants, including agents, distributors and importers of ceramics, porcelain and sanitary ware through their presence at the Ceramica Market in its seventh session on discounts on the 2020 models through direct selling to the public.



It is the official and largest exhibition in Egypt for direct sale to the public, which has become very popular with the public looking for ceramics and sanitary ware every year, so this session was done to increase the percentage of corporate sales.



♦ The largest percentage of sales through direct selling to the public.

♦ The largest number of visitors interested in buying ceramics, porcelain and sanitary ware in one place.

♦ The largest advertising campaign accompanying a mass exhibition in Egypt.

♦ The largest number of private business owners.

♦ The largest presence of public figures responsible for national projects.

♦ More prevalence of the company participating in the exhibition because it contains a large base of new customers.

♦ An opportunity to display new models and make offers on old models.

♦ Discounts on new models.