Outdoor: -

More than 30 sites at the level of Greater Cairo (October Bridge - October 6 Axis - Ring Road - all subway stations - Salah Salem Road - Victory Road - Field Marshal - Fifth Settlement - Gardens of the Dome - Roxy - Giza - Engineers - Ramses Square .. ....... etc.).

Outdoor: -


TV ads: -

Echo Country Channel

Mix Hollywood Channel

Panorama Drama 2

Panorama Film Channel

Cairo Cinema Channel

Apple Cinema Channel


Apple Day Channel

Star 1 channel

Tok Talk Cinema

Al Saah TV series

The Legend Channel

Home Channel

Cinema earthquake channel

Belode Cinema Channel

Cinema 1

Time Cinema Channel

Habisha Channel

Panorama Food Channel

Direct calls: -

150,000 direct invitations are printed and distributed to the following locations:

Sports Clubs

 (Al-Seid - Al-Jazeera - Heliopolis - Al-Ahly - Wadi Degla)

- Government interests :

(Ministry of Agriculture - Ministry of Education - Ministry of Health - Ministry of Petroleum ....... etc.).


Contracting and decoration companies.

Consulting offices.

New Urban Communities.

Residential compound.

Commercial malls:

 (City Stars - Cairo Festival - Sun City - Arkan Mall ......... etc.).

Real estate companies and real estate developers.

The busy main streets.

Merchants in commercial markets nationwide:

 (Faggala - Tersa - Immigrants - Khurshid ........ etc.).

Radio announcement: -

- A one-week intensive advertising campaign before the exhibition:

(Radio Egypt - 9090 - Nagham FM - Nogoum FM).

Newspapers and daily newspapers: -

The mediator for four months (Cairo - Delta - Alexandria).

Weekly Pyramids.

Weekly Republic.


Social media

Massive advertising campaign on:

- Facebook

- Google ad

- Application ad

- News sites (the seventh day - the Egyptian today - the gate of the Pyramids - the echo of the country - the homeland ......... etc.).


SMS campaign: -

The SMS campaign will run for a week that precedes the exhibition for the public to remember, for a number exceeding 200,000 messages.